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The Nordic Object/Relational Database Design New
Microsoft Architecture Journal / Vol. 8

Boost Performance with New Features in SQL Server 2005
TechNet Magazine / Jan-Feb 2006

SQL Server 2008 Bible
John Wiley & Son, 2009
SQL Server 2005 Bible
John Wiley & Son, 2006
SQL Server 2000 Bible
John Wiley & Son, 2002
Troubleshooting SQL
Houlette Forrest, Ph.D.
Osborne, 2001
Paul contributed chapters 9-14
Windows End-User Programming
Houlette, et al
New Riders, 1992
Paul contributed chapters covering Visual Basic ver 1 and Pioneer Software SQL database
Inside Norton AntiVirus
Peter Norton & Paul Nielsen
Brady Press, 1991
Paul Nielsen is represented by David Fugate, Launch Books.