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Welcome to SQLServerBible.com

Smart Database Design Seminar

Oct 26,27,28 Tucson, AZ

  • Data Architecture: Design for scalability, extensibility, usability, and integrity
  • Data Modeling: Go beyond Normalization and design flexible data-drive databases.
  • DB Development: Use best practicesto build out your abstraction layer
  • Know when and how to optimize the layers: Schema, Queries, Indexes, and Concurrecy.

  • SQL Server MVP Deep Dives

    Responding to BillG’s MVP Summit challenge to “Do philanthropy where you are”, the SQL Server MVP Deep Dives book is a collaboration of 53 MVPs sharing their expertise and passion for SQL Server.

    This is an all-volunteer book. All author proceeds are going to War Child an organization that helps children traumatized by war.

    Because this is a book for charity, Manning Publications wanted to also donate and gave us a higher than normal royalty. In addition, if you purchase the book through link below, then the purchase will also count toward Warchild's Manning affiliate account and Warchild will receive an extra 10% of the purchase.


    SQL Server 2008 Bible

    This is the third edition of the SQL Server Bible weighing in at 1680 pages. For this edition Mike White joins me as BI expert and co-author. Uttam Parui as co-author is the Admin expert.

    Seasoned database developers think inside the box, because that's where the cool code is. This comprehensive reference takes you inside the latest, coolest, and most powerful box, Microsoft's SQL Server 2008. Each of the book's seven sections focuses on key elements in a logical sequence, so you can easily find what you need including all the basics, best practices, dozens of targeted examples, and sample code. If you develop, manage, or maintain SQL Server 2008 databases, this in-depth book is what you need to succeed!

    Sample Chapter: Ch 10 - Merging Data with Joins and Unions (.pdf) (4.42Mb)

    Sample Chapter: Ch 17 - Traversing Hierarchies (.pdf) (4.11Mb)

    Sample Databases and Chapter Scripts (740Kb)

    SQL Server Bible eNewsletter

    Your free monthly dose of data architecture advice
    and SQL Server developer know-how.

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    I've always wanted a cool Euro-style "SQL" sticker for my notebook, so I had some made up. They're top quality vinyl designed specifically for notebook computers running SQL Server. If you want one, it's your's for the asking - no strings.

    Request a SQL Euro Sticker (I'll need your snail mail address)

    SQL Stickers Around the World!


  • Code-Gen complete insert, update, & delete audit trail triggers.
  • Update modified date and rowversion
  • Reconstruct deleted rows using the generated vTable_deleted views
  • original AutoAudit blog post