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My Favorites

My Favorite Windows Performance Utilties / Tips
Nod32 - great anti-virus/spyware that doesn't dog-down the system. When I switched from Norton to Nod32, my PC felt 4x faster.
CCleaner - Clean-up junk off hard drive (temp files, install files, etc.)
Perfect Disk - better results than Windows or DiskKeeper
SmartFlip 3D - a much better 3D flip for Vista
Vista multi-core boot - speed up your boot time
Clip Collector - clipboard Sidebar Gadget for Vista
DriveHealth - Monitor the S.M.A.R.T. specs of your hard drives
AcuteFinder - Find and Clean-up Duplicate Files
Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP - ClearType Tuner makes your LCD screen look twice as sharp
Vista Keyboard Shortcts List
Colorado SQL Server Community
Colorado PASSCamp
Microsoft Colorado Events
Microsoft - Rocky Mountain Region
Denver SQL User Group
Boulder SQL Server Users Group
Colorado Springs SQL Server User Chapter
South Colorado .NET User Group
Denver Visual Studio User Group
SoftPro Unique Denver Computer BookStore
MSFT TechNet SQL Server Public Newsgroups
Social Media
Twitter in Plain English - short video
TweetStats - Analyze Twitter KeyWords
Twitter Writing Contest - Analyze Twitter KeyWords
The Blogospere / great links
Marco Russo, Denis Gobo, Kalen Delaney, Andy Leonard, Kevin Kline, Richard Hundhasen, Adam Machanic, Linchi Shea, Paul Nielsen, Peter DeBetta, Mosha Pasumansky, Rick Heiges, Louis Davidson, Greg Low, Tibor Karaszi, James Luetkehoelter, Allen White, Lara Rubbelke, Roman Rehak, Kent Tegels, Joe Chang, Ben Miller, Alexander Kuznetsov, Erin Welker, Michael Ziberstein, Rushabh Mehta, Michelle Gutait, and more.
Erland Sommarskog
Carpe Datum - Buck Woody
Bob Beachemin
Jason Massie
r937.com SQL Link Listing
Stephen Forte
Chris Shaw
Dean Meyer
Ted Malone
Ian Jose
John Gallardo
XAML Chick (AniB)
Live with Ani
Jason Haley
Euan Garden
Ken Henderson (in memorial)
Rob Vieira - Professional SQL Server 2000 Programming
David Chappell and Associates
Fabian Pascal's Database Debunkings
Database Design Resource
Haidong Ji's Ji Village News
SQL Server Manageability Team Blog
SQL Dumbass
Top 15 free SQL Injection Scanner
Three Programmer Virtues
Cache Object Database
Instant SQL Formatter
Free SQL Server Tools Listing
Beyond SQL - Steve
Novick Software
Guy Kawasaki
Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase
SQL Server Publications / Info
SQL Server Standard
SQL Tutorial Free educational web site covering basic ANSI SQL syntax
Wikipedia's SQL Server article
SQL Server Magazine
Simple Talk
SQL Server Central
SQL Junkies
for Consultants
Association of Professional Consultants
Rules of Consulting
So you want to be a consultant?
for Trainers and Authors
Prepare Yourself To Give a Great Talk
Doing a Demo while Public Speaking
Great Demo - Blog
Grumpy Martha on Language
Camtasia - capture and edit ScreenCasts
SnagIt - great screenshot software
CursorFX - configure a nice bright yellow cursor
Sizer - resize any window to the correct size
PrimoPDF - FREE Print to PDF utility
Training Magazine
ASTD - American Society of Training and Development
Copyscape - Copyright violation check
Nick Nichols Personal Branding Expert
National Speakers Association
Zoomit - WAY COOL! Essential training screen highlighter, zoom and annotation tool
for Travellers
OneBag.com - the Art and Science of Travelling Light
Cool non-db links
Great Thinkers Change Their Minds
Internet Radio Guide
Johnny Chung Lee - Wiimote Projects
Into The Wind - Boulder Co. Stunt Kite Store (my hobby)
Binary Marble Adding Machine
Wisdom Quotes
Internet Speed Test
b-IONIC Airfish - way cool!
Amazing R/C airplane demo video
Compressed Air Cars - why won't the auto companies make these?
CellTrade - swap your cellphone plan on-line
Teaching Company - best college lectures / courses
Bill Gates Quotes - CIO Mag
PC History
Old Computers
Daves Old Computers
GUIdebook - gallery of historic GUIs